Understanding Your Responsibilities as a Tenant

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Welcome

Whether you’re a first time renter or quite familiar with the renting process, it is important to ensure that you fully understand your responsibilities and what is expected of you as a tenant. After all, every tenancy agreement is different as the rules that are laid out are determined by the landlord and the letting agency, and this means that there can often be discrepancies between your current tenancy and your previous tenancy. Read on as we go over a handful of basic responsibilities that every tenant is expected to uphold…

Pay the agreed rent on time and in full

Your tenancy agreement will stipulate the amount and the due date of your rent, and it is your responsibility as a tenant to ensure that this is adhered to every single month. After all, if you have rent arrears then your landlord can obtain a court order and have you evicted from the property. With this said, if you have found yourself in troubled times and do not have the money to pay your rent then you should always speak to your landlord or letting agency to see if a solution can be put together. Never forgo paying your rent intentionally.

Ensure the property is well maintained and looked after

At the end of your tenancy agreement, the landlord and letting agency will expect to receive the property in the same condition it was given in. This means that your responsibilities as a tenant involves the maintenance and general upkeep of the property, as well as fixing any accidental damage that has been inflicted. With this said, appliances that come with the property, such as fridge freezers, washing machines or ovens, are typically the responsibility of the landlord and do not need to be fixed by the tenant.

Cover any additional costs associated with running the property

The reason why a letting agency may carry out credit checks or request to look at your most recent payslip is because they need to ascertain your financial situation and ensure that you are in a position to run the household. As a tenant, you are not only responsible for the rent but also any other costs associated with the property such as utility bills and council tax. It is important to ensure that the rental in question is within your budget as the costs of such bills tend to differ from property to property.

We always recommend that tenants read their tenancy agreement in full before signing on the dotted line as you may find yourself locked into a difficult situation if you realise that you aren’t happy with some of the rules. For example, some landlords ban candles and request that their tenants ask before hanging up picture frames or wall decorations whereas others are quite happy as long as the rent is paid and their property is well-maintained. To find out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant in more detail, get in contact with the best letting agency Sale has to offer and speak to a member of the Empanda Properties team today!