5 Things to Keep in Mind When Viewing a Property

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Welcome

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, there are specific aspects to pay close attention to when it comes to viewing in person. After all, a lot of people find that virtual viewings just aren’t the same. Here at Empanda Properties, we’re quite used to clients turning up with a checklist and we actively encourage every potential buyer or tenant to do the same. Read on as we go over 5 key things that you should keep in mind when viewing a property…

Maintenance and General Condition

The condition of a property can influence your decision to buy or let as first impressions really do matter. When completing an inspection, make sure to pay close attention to the general condition of the property and how it has been maintained such as damage to the walls, the upkeep of any fixtures and it may even be in your best interest to inquire about the roof. After all, a leaky roof is something that definitely cannot be ignored.

Parking Availability

The number of vehicles that each household can own isn’t controlled by law which means that there may be a dispute depending on where a property is located. If you’re a driver then you may want to keep this in mind and assess whether or not there will be any issues finding a parking space outside your potential new home. On the other hand, if you aren’t a driver then it may be best to consider traffic disturbance and/or any guests that drive.

Storage Space

Many people will view a property with the intention of looking at each room in further detail and ensuring that there is enough space for basic necessities. With this said, it is important to take storage space into consideration too as a lot of buyers/tenants forget to accommodate every necessity like bathroom supplies, children’s toys (both indoor and outdoor) and even sports equipment. Remember to keep such extras in mind during a viewing to ensure a property is big enough for all your needs.

Structural Condition and/or Subsidence

Whilst it can be difficult to ascertain such information as a private renter, the majority of buyers will most definitely have a potential property inspected for structural integrity. With this said, there are certain signs to look out for during a viewing that may point to a subsidence issue with a property such as warped door frames/window frames, rippling wallpaper, damp walls and diagonal cracks in the brickwork.

Does the property live up to the pictures?

One of the biggest tricks in the book is taking pictures at certain angles in order to deceive the client and give them a false first impression. Although this is rare, it’s important to compare the actual property to these images in order to ensure that there are no discrepancies. For example, the images may be old and fail to give an accurate representation of the property’s current state or they may make the rooms look bigger than they actually are.

A property viewing isn’t only a chance for buyers or tenants to get a feel for a place and see if they can imagine themselves living there, it is also an opportunity to see the bigger picture and spot any issues that may need to be rectified. As the best letting agency Sale has to offer, the Empanda Properties team are more than happy to allow a thorough inspection of our properties during a viewing. Get in contact to find out more information today!